Washoe County Votes to Dismiss Appeal, Move Forward on Housing Development

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The Lemmon Valley area is set to get more than 200 new homes if a planned development moves forward, but residents in the area are fighting it, saying it will make their homes less safe.

Members of the Lemmon Valley/Swan Lake Recovery Committee were trying to stop the development using an appeal, but Tuesday afternoon the commission voted that the appeal wasn’t valid.

That came as a big disappointment to the appellants, who crowdfunded on social media to pay for the process.

"We had over 190 people donate for us to do this appeal," Lemmon Valley resident Tammy Holt-Still said. "None of these residents are being heard. It’s all developers and that’s it."

The commission voted three to one to dismiss the appeal, because the appellant (Holt-Still) lives too far away from the development to merit consideration. County officials say that rule is meant to stop people who don’t live near the area from interfering in other people’s neighborhoods. The county sends notices to the homes within the immediate area of development, so they can give public comment.

Holt-Still called their reasoning "disgusting," saying she should be allowed to appeal.

"Considering my backyard flooded from that last year, and the fact that mosquitoes travel three miles, it does affect me," Holt-Still said.

The Lemmon Valley Heights project would add 206 homes to a 128-acre parcel off of Estates Road, on the east side of Lemmon Drive. The project is near Swan Lake, the previously dry lake bed that filled with water and flooded homes during the unusually wet winter of 2016-2017. The lake bed still has water in it, and some homes still show damage from the flooding. The county has put up HESCO barriers to keep the water back, but it’s an expensive solution to maintain, and it isn’t foolproof. The county is planning to buy up the worst affected homes so the owners can relocate and that area can be barred from further habitation.

Now, the concern from residents in the Lemmon Valley/Swan Lake Recovery Committee is that additional development will just make the flood risk worse, since developed land doesn’t absorb as much water as open land.

County officials say the developer is required to build to code, which includes managing any extra water runoff.

"I think it’s really important for everybody to know that we don’t just willy nilly approve development," Assistant Washoe County Manager Dave Solaro said. "There’s a whole long process this goes through to make sure that it makes the requirements currently within our code."

Solaro said the developer still has to pass a lot of hurdles to get the first building permits, but he does expect that to happen. And from the county perspective, he said building more homes is much needed.

"We are all struggling with trying to make sure we’ve got affordable housing," Solaro said, "and this is one way to do it, by actually creating more housing pool available."

Holt-Still said their group plans to keep fighting the project, saying they don’t believe the measures being taken by the developer are sufficient to mitigate the flood danger.

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Greystone Real Estate Advisors Expands in Houston with National Apartment Advisors Team

NEW YORK, April 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Greystone, one of the nation’s preeminent real estate lending, investment and advisory companies, announced that it has welcomed National Apartment Advisors of Texas to the Greystone network. The new joint venture, Greystone NAA, focuses on providing a full range of multifamily advisory services to clients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, capitalizing on Greystone’s comprehensive financial platform and NAA’s multifamily sales expertise in those regions.

Heading the Greystone NAA team is a group of real estate advisory leaders with over 80 combined years of experience. Since founding the company 5 short years ago, the NAA team has closed more than 150 transactions totaling over $1 billion. Abraham Garza III and Jordon Emmott are co-founding partners of NAA, alongside NAA partner Shayan Hasnain. Rounding out the Greystone NAA team are directors Jamie Harrington, Ryan Mendez, and Walter Montague, senior analyst Sunjay Arya, with Lindsay Steszewski leading operations.

“NAA has consistently been one of the most active and competitive brokerage companies in Houston,” said co-founding partner, Jordon Emmott. “This joint venture with Greystone will give us a platform which puts us on a level playing field with our competition. I have no doubt that we will be able to further excel as a team and deliver far superior results for our clients.”

The Greystone NAA team will specialize in multifamily and mixed-use property or land acquisitions and dispositions for both institutional and private investors. With its extensive regional market knowledge, the Greystone NAA team has been touted as a top deal producer in the Houston commercial real estate market in its five-year history.

“I am thrilled to welcome such an energetic, driven, and robust team with expansive real estate market knowledge across the state of Texas to Greystone,” said Jim McDevitt, President, Greystone Real Estate Advisors. “Combining NAA’s sales advisory expertise with Greystone’s existing lending resources based in Irving and nationwide, we have a dynamic “dream team” of entrepreneurial and motivated salespeople. I feel this team will be unstoppable, and can’t wait to see what they accomplish.”

About Greystone NAA
Greystone NAA focuses on providing a full range of multifamily advisory services in Texas. Its Real Estate Advisors team provides services in sales, acquisitions, and a full spectrum of advisory services including debt, acquisition, and investment sales in commercial real estate. For more information, visit www.greycoadvisors.com.

About Greystone
Greystone is a real estate lending, investment and advisory company headquartered in New York. Its Multifamily Real Estate Advisors team provides services in sales, acquisitions, and a full spectrum of advisory services including debt, equity, acquisition, and investment sales to multifamily owners and investors of affordable and marketrate housing. For more information, visit www.greyco.com.

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Opus Virtual Offices Expands With New Prestigious Location in Dallas, TX

Opus Virtual Offices, a nation’s leader in the alternative workspace industry with more than 650 locations in all 50 U.S. states and Canada, has announced the opening of its most recent addition to the network in presitious Uptown Dallas, Texas. Located at 3626 North Hall Street – steps from Turtle Creek and the beautiful Rosewood Mansion – the site is situated in a prime business location and includes every detail needed to project a refined, polished, professional corporate image. For only $99 per month, Opus provides a live professional receptionist to answer and forward calls during business hours; a prominent corporate mailing address; local business phone and fax numbers as well as voicemail and fax to email transcription.

In addition to the basic package of Opus Virtual Office services, its new uptown Dallas location offers access to impressive, high tech conference rooms, free visitor parking and use of a guest lounge when doing business with clients as well as complimentary snail-mail scanning to email.

“Our new office in Dallas is in a fantastic, prestigious metropolitan location sure to impress any clients,” said Opus Virtual Offices CEO Yori Galel. “Besides our great $99 package of features, the additional amenities included at this Opus operated upscale property make it an ideal space for any company seeking to hone their professional image.”

Opus Virtual Offices offers more than 650 locations in all 50 U.S. states and Canada. With an Opus virtual office, every element is in place to establish an impressive corporate identity and operate businesses seamlessly, regardless of the organization’s true size or geographic location. Opus Virtual Offices has become the fastest growing company in the alternative workspace industry thanks to its simple, all-inclusive $99 per month pricing.

In fact, depending on the location, an Opus Virtual Office can not only significantly reduce office overhead, but can also dramatically boost a company’s profits. For example, utilization of the Opus Virtual Office locations in Wilmington, DE and Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton, FL, has allowed hundreds of Opus clients to instantly cut thousands from their annual tax bill, thanks to those states function as low corporate tax domicile areas.

Further information is available at www.opusvirtualoffices.com

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Severe Storm Warning Issued For Dallas And Eastern Areas

DALLAS, TX — A storm system moving west to east through the metroplex is likely to become severe, the National Weather Service Warns.

The severe thunderstorm warning expires at 7:15 p.m.

Strong winds and are possible.

Stay with Patch for further severe weather updates.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning including Dallas TX, Garland TX, Irving TX until 7:15 PM CDT pic.twitter.com/kmkReRDh56

— NWS Fort Worth (@NWSFortWorth) April" class="redactor-linkify-object">https://twitter.com/NWSFortWor… 6, 2018

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Dallas dodges list of Amazon HQ2 ‘biggest losers’

The Dallas-Fort Worth area may or may not ultimately win Amazon.com Inc.’s second headquarters, but at least North Texas has escaped a list of “biggest losers” for the highly coveted project.

Toronto, Los Angeles and Miami were tagged with that distinction in an Op-Ed published Wednesday in The Daily Caller, a conservative news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C.

Twenty metro areas have made it to the second phase of the selection process for Seattle-based Amazon’s (Nasdaq: AMZN) second headquarters, dubbed HQ2.

The Daily Caller knocked Toronto for its lack of incentives and, well, just generally being in Canada.

The publication dinged Los Angeles for high taxes, onerous regulations and a housing crisis.

Miami made the biggest-loser list because it lacks a major research university focused on tech, and because it might be headed underwater.

“There’s little chance (Amazon CEO) Jeff Bezos, firmly in the climate change camp, is going to commit to low-lying Miami,” Keith Naughton, a public affairs consultant, writes in the Op-Ed.

In a related story, a new website and petition have been formed, called “Obviously Not D.C.,” that argue against planting HQ2 in Washington.

“In a city with a housing and homelessness crisis, where tens of thousands of longtime black residents have been pushed out over the last decade, our city leaders are clamoring to bring in up to 50,000 new, likely affluent residents, without any conversation about the impact on longtime residents,” the website says.

The Daily Caller also calls New York City and Chicago longshots for HQ2. Both are cities that “might be in the running, but shouldn’t,” the Op-Ed says.

New York is bashed for being expensive, congested and a political minefield for Amazon.

“Unlike pro-business cities like Atlanta and Dallas, or mid-tier cities where Amazon can dominate politics (Columbus, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh), Amazon is practically guaranteed to be stuck in a political morass and will find (New York City) much more expensive than it thinks,” the Op-Ed says.

Chicago, meanwhile, has the worst public finances in the United States and corrupt politics to boot, it says.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced 20 metro areas, including Dallas-Fort Worth, as finalists for the $5 billion campus, which is expected to bring 50,000 high-paying jobs over the next 10 to 15 years.

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